While you're eating that, read this!

Each weekday from June 2014 to May 2019, EAT THAT, READ THIS, from Adam Shuck, rounded up local and regional Pittsburgh news in an easily consumable lunchtime digest.

Though ETRT has concluded, today you can find the same spirit of Pittsburgh coverage at The Pittsburgh Record, from Adam Shuck and Postindustrial Media. Both an email newsletter and a podcast, The Pittsburgh Record is continuing, and expanding, ETRT's reach.

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Praise for ETRT:

"...The pointedly funny weekday roundup of local news and gossip has become a must-read among members of the city’s power set..."
Pittsburgh Magazine, "15 of Pittsburgh's Future Power Brokers"

"Sign up, and you're guaranteed the most yinz-specific medley of happenings possible in a single email."
Pittsburgh Magazine's Best of the 'Burgh 2015, "Best Mid-day Distraction"

"The amount of information crammed into each installment is impressive."
"'Eat That, Read This' snarks the best of Pittsburgh's news," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Pittsblogh

"His quips on regional happenings and absurdities are funny in a Jon-Stewart-reads-you-the-local-news kind of way."
Pittsburgh City Paper's "Stuff We Like"